new games in the club from UKGE 2010

Michael had a great time at the UK Games Expo in Birmingham last weekend, and bagged a bunch of new games for the club. We bought Imperial 2030 (different from Imperial that’s on the way too), and Martin Wallace’s new game Age Of Industry.  We got a sweet deal on 4 games, Quoridor and Quarto, both nice wooden abstracts, the new edition of Marrakech (carpets galore!), and Forbidden Island, the hot new game all the cool kids are talking about.

We also got some excellent donations from publishers at the show. LeCardo is a neat word game on cards, using whole words, not spellings (thanks Leo). Ragnar Bros gave us their game Monastery, and JKLM came through with a bundle, Tulipmania 1637, Days Of Steam, Phoenicia and Chelsea (thanks Markus).

All these will be in the club for our next meeting on Saturday June 19th 2010. Twelve new games, well done Michael!

We’re always on the look out for new games. If you want to donate a game, please get in touch.


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