meeting over with 20+ gamers and loads played

Another BM! meeting finished and we had a busy day all day. Everybody came in early and stayed all day. We got Space Alert played at last, thanks to Adrian downloading all the MP3s and bringing his speakers in. We didn’t do so well unfortunately, lost each game! Robert brought in World Without End, which is taken the SdJ Plus prize this year. Dominion, TTR Europe, Blue Moon City all got played. Keith lost another game of Zatre, keep trying Keith! Big laugh playing Democrazy, an old Faidutti game. Loads more games hit the tables.

Wrapped it up about 7pm , packed the games away and off home. Lots of photos on Robert’s Tweetpic account and we tweeted away all day. Considering it’s half-term, warm and sunny and the UK Games Expo is on, we had a great day ourselves. Busy all day!

If you missed out, our next meeting is 19th June 2010. Come along, your first day is FREE!


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