regular meeting all day THIS Saturday

Eeek, should have posted this sooner… yup, it’s the 1st Saturday so it must be Beyond Monopoly!, Yorkshire’s friendliest boardgame club. We meet this Saturday at the Railway Institute, 22 Queen St, York YO24 1AD. We open at 10am and close at 6pm, but we don’t throw you out at 6 (we actually left at 8pm last meet, but don’t bank on it).

Remember, your first day is FREE! Otherwise, we charge adults £3, seniors/unwaged/students £2 and juniors (8-12) £1. Sorry, no disabled access at the RI.

We keep a big collection of games at the club, so you don’t need to bring anything first time. Come and have a look first, so you’ll know what we do play (typically, it’s eurogames like Carcassonne, Settlers Of Catan, Ticket To Ride and so on). Regulars bring their own games in too, so if you’ve got a game at home you really want to try, bring it along. Nobody tells you what to play next, but we’re always on hand if you need suggestions. If you want to play something, pick the game up, ask ‘Who wants to play this?’ and then find a free table to start. It’s as easy as that!

Also, bring a water bottle if you’re stopping. There’s a great pub bar downstairs (bring your drinks up to our room if you want), they serve food up to 1:30pm, but the bar closes from 2-6pm. You can bring your own lunch into BM! if you prefer, or go out to eat and come back later.

See you on Saturday!

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