SdJ 2010 nominees listed – Tobago not on it!

The Spiele des jahres is an annual jury prize for games published in Germany. The list of 2010 nominees is out today.

I’m amazed that Zoch’s hit game Tobago is not listed, I was certain it would be the 2010 SdJ winner. Given the list of nominees, they seem to moving to lighter party-style games. But Tobago is hardly a heavy game.

A La Carte
Roll Through The Ages: Bronze Age
and World Without End gets the SdJ Plus.

Which do you think is going to win?

The bad news is that we have none of these games in the club.


One thought on “SdJ 2010 nominees listed – Tobago not on it!

  1. Paul Yates says:

    I thought Fresco was always going to be listed by the SdJ jury. I bought the game a couple of weeks ago from Travelling Man (£34 with BM! discount) after playing it in London. It’s beautifully themed and packaged (even the box insert has fantastic artwork on it) and plays suprisingly quickly. The comments about it being a standard Euro in shiny trousers are probably not too far off the mark – it has an engaging theme and three gameplay variants to change the experience each time but I’m not sure yet how much replay value it will have.

    The ‘wake up time’ mechanic is cute but merely a rename of ‘go first, pay more – go last, pay less’. It is probably worth mentioning that every time I’ve played it so far I’ve been thumped so maybe I’ve not picked up on the subleties yet.

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