newsletter to publishers

We finally sent out our news to publishers, an update on our club actvities in the past year… and we’ve done loads!

  • Two count them two live radio spots on BBC Radio York, most recent in February 2010.
  • Thoughtbubble 2009 – we had a great display and play games at the Leeds Comicon run by Travelling Man in November 2009.
  • Travelling Man – we arranged a new discount  – club members now get a 10% discount on games at any Travelling man shop.
  • Vapnartak 2010 – the huge wargames show in York and we had a big display out again.
  • OUR FIFTH BIRTHDAY! Beyond Monopoly! actually started with a display at Vapnartak, and we’ve been going for five years now. We get on average over 30 gamers to every meeting and we always get new people. With 24 meets a year we see hundreds of people from all over the North East.
  • TTR@NRM – February 2010, we ran a Ticket To Ride tournament at the National Railway Museum no less! With 22 gamers playing in a knock-out tourny, it all came down to the final game and total scores, and the winner jumped from 3rd to 1st place with a massive last score!
  • York Council invited BM! to its community workshops in April 2010. We had a small display of modern games and offered something very different and positive as a community group. Lots of constructive advice lead to the blog and to us now being on TWITTER – follow us!
  • East Coast Rail – a major UK train operator – invited BM! to a 2 day staff well being event. Again, we put out a great display of modern games and got a lot more people signed up to our email list. We now have nearly 500 people getting regular emails promoting the club and the games.

We’ve been busy busy busy! Always putting out a strong message that modern boardgames are great fun and a new way to make friends.

If you want to be added to our mail list, contact us and we will reply.


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