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Hello and welcome to Beyond Monopoly! We are a boardgames club in York who meet regularly for fun boardgaming times. We play all modern boardgames- Euros, Social deducation, co-op, American; and if that means nothing to you, then come along and discover the exciting (genuinely) world of modern boardgames. We meet in the Bar Convent on the first and third Saturday of the month, from 10am until 9pm, and on the second and fourth Friday evening of the month, from 5pm until 9pm. If you can’t remember that then please sign up for regular reminders and updates! Absolutely everyone is welcome, and with our numbers attending you’re usually never waiting long for a game. First visit is free (wow!). Given we’re in the Bar Convent we do ask that people don’t bring in outside food and drink- instead drinks are provided, and the cafe does fantastic food (and we get 10% off).

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All day gaming this Saturday and possible pub changes

This week we have our all day Saturday meets from 10am-9pm at the Bar Convent. If that seems too daunting for you fear not for it’s come as you like and we offer reduced rates for half day visits, so there’s no excuse not to come down and maybe even bring along a friend or two (with consent of course) to York’s friendliest gaming club.

Keep your eyes peeled this week for some exciting news with the group which will be posting later on in the week. For now though less good news, a long standing tradition among some members of the group is to go along to the pub next door after meets for a bite and a natter, as many of you may already be aware we had a slight issue of two of our members being asked to leave last week, and as such we are discussing the possibility of moving this tradition elsewhere. As always we welcome your feedback so if you wish to then please either comment below or send an email to

Friday meet and France!

We have a wonderful Friday meet this week, not in France sorry need to make that clear :-), you all know the drill and if you are new welcome and please come along to our from 5-9pm at the Bar Convent.

That’s all from me this week, short and sweet. However i’m sure some of you are wondering what this business about France is so for more info I will turn you over to a BM veteran, Paul:

Good morning gents, long time no see,

Hope everything is OK with BM!  Sorry I’ve not been there for a while
months!) Saturdays are all booked up for me and I miss it very much.  I
have my own little group here in Askern and I keep promising to bring
all up as a sort of day out.

Anyway, you might remember that a group of us went to the France boardgame place in September last year for a ‘board game holiday’.  Well, 8 of us are going again and we’re very much looking forward to it.   The resort is La Pas Opton, is a British-run 4-star holiday site in St Gilles-Croix-de-Ville, in the Vendee region near Nantes

In addition to the 8 of us I’ve been offered a cheap villa by the site
owners.  It sleeps 2/3/4 (two singles upstairs and a fold-out settee

I had two people lined up for it but they can’t go now.  It’s available for
£150 for the week (which is 37.50 per person if there are 4!).  Travel
and food is extra but a small price to pay for 7 days solid gaming in one
of France’s prettiest areas (plus swimming, canoeing, bike riding and
everything else the site affords).

The dates are: Mon September 10th – 17th.  If you know of anyone who
may be interested could you please ask them to e-mail me and I’ll give them
more details.



Meet this Saturday at the Convent

New month, new rainstorm, only one fix Saturday gaming. We will be doing our usual but oh so exciting 1st Saturday of the month meet at the Bar Convent tomorrow so pop in anytime from 10am-9pm and don’t forget to drag (willingly of course) your friends along, and remember their first visit to York’s friendliest gaming group is free.

A final reminder of our foray into the footie world ahead of the new season, the Beyond Monopoleague fantasy league is gearing up. And that concludes all I know about football, so for more information contact Mark or leave a message and I will forward you on.

Look forward to seeing you all there. 🙂

Gaming at the Convent this Friday . . .

So tomorrow is a fabulous fourth Friday and you know what that means, and not only that I like alliteration, BOARDGAMES!

So as expected we are having one of our iconic Friday night gaming meets at the Bar Convent 5pm-9pm tomorrow (I treble checked the calendar this time so you’re safe 🙂 ), so come down, maybe even drag along some friends and introduce them to our cupboard of wonders. Despite the brief respite it looks like its going to be another scorcher  so by all means enjoy some relaxed air conditioned fun, and we do have complimentary refreshments *wink *wink.

Before I leave you all, a few reminders . . .

Firstly, a shameless plug. Our BeyondMonopoleague Fantasy football is gearing up in time for the new premier league season, so if you’re a footie head, fantasy nut or simply enjoy getting very involved with the nitty gritty of the sports world then let us know at or just pull Paul aside for a chat.

Lastly the sad reminder that we are no longer able to utilise the school parking lot on Nunnery Lane, we will do our best to keep you up to date with information but for at least the foreseeable future, the car park will remain restricted 😦 .


Play testing at Trafalgar Bay

In addition to all the regular lovely things this week, there will be a play-testing event on at Trafalgar Bay tomorrow (Wed 25th) evening. Whether you’ve been developing a game and want some feedback or you wouldn’t mind testing them out yourself come down to what is sure to be an interesting night. For anyone wondering the Trafalgar Bay pub is located on Nunnery Lane and and is literally down the road from our usual Bar Convent home.


Not your average weekly post . . .

First we have a reminder about our next meet going down at the Bar Convent 10am-9pm this Saturday (not Friday as stated earlier), as always you can expect our trademark level of friendliness and silliness.

Secondly we have an announcement for Beyond Monopoleague, the newest gem in our wonderful BM crown. So here’s a word from Paul to explain it all:

1. Are you a football fan?
2. Do you like games?
If you answered yes to any of the above, then you should join Beyond Monopoleague, the (un)official BM fantasy football league. It has “rules” and a “scoring” system and “gameweeks” – what more could you want? (Sorry Jim, no minis to paint, but you can design your team’s kit if you’d like?)
Sign up now using the link below or if you’re already registered for Fantasy Premier League you can join with the league code:  558090-120168
https://fantasy.premierleague. com/?autojoin-code=558090- 120168

The deadline for Gameweek 1 is 19.00 on Friday 10th August (right in the middle of BM’s second Friday session), so make sure you’re ready before then otherwise you’ll fall behind.
Enjoy the game!

Gaming this Friday

Whether your sad that it’s not coming home or you’re glad you don’t have to hear that again for another 4 years, come cheer yourself up with some board gaming fun to round off the week. No surprise here, it’s a second Friday tomorrow so we have gaming in the evening from 5pm-9pm. Come along to the Bar Convent for a night of silly fun to chase away the World Cup blues.