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Hello and welcome to Beyond Monopoly! We are a boardgames club in York who meet regularly for fun boardgaming times. We play all modern boardgames- Euros, Social deducation, co-op, American; and if that means nothing to you, then come along and discover the exciting (genuinely) world of modern boardgames. We meet in the Bar Convent on the first and third Saturday of the month, from 10am until 9pm, and on the second and fourth Friday evening of the month, from 5pm until 9pm. If you can’t remember that then please sign up for regular reminders and updates! Absolutely everyone is welcome, and with our numbers attending you’re usually never waiting long for a game. First visit is free (wow!). Given we’re in the Bar Convent we do ask that people don’t bring in outside food and drink- instead drinks are provided, and the cafe does fantastic food (and we get 10% off).

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Meet this Friday update and I talk about #CamelUp

Hi everyone, hope you had a good time gaming last Saturday. I had a fantastic time, and managed to get all but 2 of the games I wanted played, played (Camel Up! Super Cup and Unlock!, we’ll meet again sometime). Anyway, this blog post isn’t about me, it’s about what we’re doing this Friday, and that’s having another great evening meet in the Bar Convent from 5pm until 9pm, so come along! There’s also BM! at Travelling Man on Thursday from 10am.

I feel like I have nothing to push here, no impending conventions or anything of that nature, it feels most odd. So I’ll just say that if you’ve never played Agricola before then watch this space (next week. Next week watch this space).

Actually there is something, a friend of mine wants to sell his copy of Evolution +Flight expansion. If anybody wants it, just give me an offer and I’ll pass it along.

And I think that’s about it, just time now for the GAME RECOMMENDATION OF THE WEEK

Camel Up featuring Camel Up: Supercup


I have only recently experienced the 2014 Spiel des Jahres Winner  Camel Up! but I was hooked from the first play. In this game a bunch of you are trying to make the most moeny by wagering on the Camel race. Each turn you get to do one thing- move a camel, place a bet, or somehow modify the desert terrain to provide a bonus or penalty to the camels. Each camel can only move once per round, and at the end of each round people who bet on the winning camel for that round gets coins. On and on it goes until one camel crosses the finish line. So what makes it so good, a few things: the camels stack in a really satisfying way. Enough said about that. No matter the state of the board, you never feel out of contention for the win. Despite the apparent simplicity, there’s a lot of thought and push your luck put into deciding when to back a camel , and when to just roll the dice. There’s a dice pyramid and it’s great. Overall it’s just a really fun quick little game.

But what’s this, Camel up Super super Cup!? Yes the expansion adds a whole bunch of things, such as an extended race track, a easy to use photographer which gives another scoring option, but is so easy it just feels natural to play with him in. Catch up dice, which keep all camels in contention for much longer, and even cards for sharing bets with other players. And pieces for extra people to play. I’ve only played with the extra long track, photographer (great addition), and catch-up dice (ditto), and whilst these may extend the length of the game, I honestly say I enjoy this game so much I wouldn’t mind playing the extra super long version, which is still relatively quick (we’re not talking Firefly expansions here people). So there you have it, an excellent game for all ages made even better. Play it. Camel Up SuperCup plays 2-8 plays in 30 minutes.

#Airecon report! AKA look at all the games we’ve now got! (+meet on Saturday to play them)

Hello everyone, hope you all had a fantastic time at Airecon, and I hope those of you who didn’t go had a great time at BM! on Friday. We have a meet this Saturday at the Bar Convent, 10-9pm, and it will be an excellent chance to play the games we got, as well as pick up your t-shirt if you didn’t at Airecon. We are also meeting as usual on Thursday in Travelling Man.


Important things first: we won the Boardgames Quiz!! Oh yes, who would have thought that knowing which South American country was misspelled on the 1st edition of Twilight Struggle would be so rewarding?

We sold a whole bunch of games and bought loads of new ones (detailed later below).

Codenames: Duet was there, in the wild for the first time! This new Codenames is a co-op best with a small number of players, is incredibly ingenious, and because it’s got no downtime may actually be the best version yet. Also another Vlaada Chvatil party game was there, one which asks whether you’d rather be able to rewind 1 minute into the past three times in your life, or be the captain of a spaceship.

So what games did we get? Loads! Checkout this list below (otherwise known as, the list of games I will be playing on Saturday!)

And.. the final game is my recommendation of the week!
Unlock! is an escape room game. Just like the excellent escape rooms in York (check out gr8escapeyork and ask for your BM discount!) in Unlock you are locked in a room, metaphorically, and need to escape. You do this by looking at cards, combining cards, and solving puzzles. All of this is done with a timer on an app, into which you can insert codes. Some of us at BM! tried the P&P escape and despite failing massively (listening to a phone in a convention hall is difficult. Listening to a phone in a convention hall on mute is impossible), we still had a fantastic time. I encourage all people in the club to give this a try. There are 3 possible escape rooms, just make sure you don’t give anything away to other people who may want to solve them later- they are only playable once, but an experience unlike any others. Unlock takes teams of up to 6, although I strongly recommend 4 so everyone feels included, and plays in up to 60 minutes.


T-Shirts arrived, #Airecon this weekend, and we meet on Friday too!

Hi everyone, another quick update, because I’ve spent all my time stickering the few dozen games from the boxes of doom with rock bottom prices for sale at Airecon. We meet this Friday! Fun and games in the Bar Convent from 5pm until 9pm.

T-Shirts have arrived!arrivedtshirts

As you can see they look super-duper. If you’ve ordered a T-Shirt I will be taking them to Airecon on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday, so please collect off me there. If you’re not going I will take them to BM! next Saturday for you to collect. If neither of these options are good, please get in touch with me to arrange something. Final cost was a shockingly low £8 each. Please either pay me when I give you the T-shirt, or Mike at the club, and we’ll sort out who’s paid and who hasn’t. If you regret not ordering one (and wait until you see them worn), then fear not, we can always order more. Just let me know.


Finally, Airecon is (almost) upon us. A gaming convention just half an hour away in Harrogate. If you haven’t bought your tickets yet, get them soon. Some of the details are here, on the BGG thread as opposed to their site:

It should be a fantastic weekend, as well as a superb opportunity to get our name out there as the best local games club (seriously, boardgamers in Harrogate should be coming to BM! to play games at weekends). If you’re going I hope to see you there.

Meet this Saturday

Quick update this week. We have a meet this Saturday, Bar Convent, form 10am until 9pm. Come along and play some darned fun games! On Thursday we have BM! at Travelling Man, and then next week is Airecon! Loads of boardgaming stuff and opportunites to boardgame.

Ocean is setting up a groupspace:

This is for people to organise games to play at BM! and also can be used to organise other gaming sessions with BM regulars. If anyone needs more info – to contact Ocean at

T-shirts have been ordered, they will be £8 each, and will hopefully arrive by this Saturday. If not, I’ll let you know when they will arrive, but will definitely get here by Airecon.


Game recommendation of the week is simply Star Wars: Rebellion . This is a new club acquisition- relive the wars of Star Wars. I don’t actually know too much about it, but John and Ocean will be happy to teach anybody who wants to play.

Meet this Friday (but no Travelling Man meet tomorrow)

Hi everyone, I’m sorry the updates a little late, but just to let you know there will be the usual Friday meet on Friday 5pm-9pm at the Bar Convent. There isn’t a Thursday meet at Travelling Man tomorrow though, due to a manger’s meeting in the floor upstairs.


If you haven’t ordered your t-shirt yet, then please check out last weeks update and get your order in soon.Order your T-Shirts here!


Airecon is under a month away now, and whilst I regret to inform the Super-Board tournament is sold out (booo!) there are still loads of things going on, check out the facebook here here.

Game recommendation of the week: Alien Frontiers.


I played Euphoria: Build a Better Dystopia  the other day, and whilst I enjoyed it (some balancing issues, admitted even by the designer), it reminded me of two games the club already owns: Scythe and Alien Frontiers. Scythe has already been recommended, so Alien Frontiers it is. Alien Frontiers is a dice placement game. You roll your dice (spacemen) and then place them in places to do different things- harvest resources, steal resources, fly into space, get alien technologies and so forth. It’s a nifty combination of dice rolling, worker placement and area control, without losing any player interaction (there’s more than just blocking here), all set in space. Alien Frontiers plays up to 4 players in about 90 minutes.

[I also played Great Western Trail and really enjoyed it. It felt very much like Terra Mystica, in moving items from a player board to the main board in order to uncover bonuses, with a little hand management in there (more reminiscent of A Study in Emerald than any deck builders, or perhaps Lewis and Clark), either way, a fantastic game, but quite deep and long (maybe 45 minutes per player?). If you get a chance, play it. Not sure if the club ought to get it just yet, lets see what we sell off at Airecon.]


Finally John wants to run a Scythe tournament at BM! on Saturday 01 April, 1030 start. Entry fees as follows (on top of normal BM entry fees): free if you bring along a copy of the game that is used (please indicate any such offer); £2 concessions; £4 all others. The event will go ahead provided a minimum 10 entries are received.  If more than 10 entries are received, subsequent entries will be accepted in blocks of 5.  John’s inclination at this first tournament is to have two rounds of play but indicate if you would prefer three rounds – if a substantial majority request three rounds, then so be it.  With two rounds we should finish around 3-3:30pm, with three around 5:30-6pm.  Entries to John asap please to


Order your T-Shirts here!

Hi everyone, this post is just to give information on how you can get your hand on one of our amazing BM! T-shirts. The more people buy, the bigger the discount, so it makes sense for us to do one big bulk buy. If you’re interested please fill in the details below (note: I’ve changed the manufacturer to Clothes2Order, because on the other site it was about double the price for women’s t-shirts).

Here are the sizing details-





As for colours, they do pretty much every colour under the sun, so no matter which colour you want to play as, we should have a t-shirt to suit-

White White
Black Black
Red Red
Royal Royal Blue
Bottle Green Bottle Green
Sunflower Sunflower
Orange Orange
Purple Purple
Azure Azure
Fuchsia Fuchsia
Light Pink Light Pink
Kelly Green Kelly Green
Light Graphite Light Graphite
Deep Navy Deep Navy
Sky Sky
Heather Heather

The average cost for these is also cheaper, so the price will be under £10 (the exact amount depends upon how many orders we will get).

To order one, please fill in the form below (if you’re ordering multiple copies you can let me know the details in the comments box rather than fill in loads of forms if you wish):


I’m going to put the order in this week, in order to get them all by next Saturday, so if you want one please do it ASAP. If there are any issues regarding price etc I’ll let people know, otherwise all orders will be fulfilled. Happy buying!womans-blue


Post-AGM stuff

Hello everyone, here’s part 2 of this week’s blog, all about the stuff post AGM. But first a correction- John is only asking for £15 for his copy of TIME Stories, not £20, so get in there quick.

Right, first of all the minutes can be accessed here: beyond-monopoly-committee-meeting-minutes-2017-02-09

Read them? Good. If you haven’t, then here are some of the key parts (but this is abridged, read the whole thing, it’s shorter than this post after all):

Paul is no longer our Events representative. He’s been fantastic, and we’ll miss him,  but is unfortunately leaving us 😦 In his place steps John McCullough. And in his first act as Events Officer he’s interested in running a Scythe Tournament. John’s thinking a 2-game tournament, with a possibility of 3-games if people want it, running most of the day. If you’re interested in this email him ASAP

Now, as mentioned in the minutes (you have read them, haven’t you?), it would be nice to have somewhere we could discuss the club and organise games (long ones, although you can organise short ones too if you want). Whilst I’m happy to post requests on the blog, that’s not the best solution for a number of reasons, and not everybody has a facebook account (although please continue to post on facebook about us, and reply to our posts).

So our solution? Our Boardgamegeek forum thread! Here:

You can talk anything you want about BM! in that thread including arranging games. If you don’t have a Boardgamegeek account, they’re the website when it comes to boardgames. All rules disputes are solved there, variants are born there and strategies are discovered there. Getting an account is easy and free.


Thankyou for the T-Shirt designs- we decided upon the classic club logo. As is known by now, I’m in favour of a club t-shirt, and the two above are our choices. The Red one with the snazzy lines can also be in any other colour:

Yellow! and so on- got a colour you like to play in, get that colour! The white one on the right is just white. However, the white one is about half the price (just over a fiver), whereas the colour t-shirts will be around a tenner (just over if it’s only a few, just under if it’s more than that).

Please let me know if you’d like one, and if so which one should we get (cheaper to get them all from one place). If we get enough takers, we’ll get them. Here’s a form:

I think these would really help our presence at events, as well as making you a snappy dresser.

Well, until I realise what I’ve forgotten, that’s it from the AGM updates. There is more in the minutes, so give them a read if you haven’t already. Bye!