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Hello and welcome to Beyond Monopoly! We are a boardgames club in York who meet regularly for fun boardgaming times. We play all modern boardgames- Euros, Social deducation, co-op, American; and if that means nothing to you, then come along and discover the exciting (genuinely) world of modern boardgames. We meet in the Bar Convent on the first and third Saturday of the month, from 10am until 9pm, and on the second and fourth Friday evening of the month, from 5pm until 9pm. If you can’t remember that then please sign up for regular reminders and updates! Absolutely everyone is welcome, and with our numbers attending you’re usually never waiting long for a game. First visit is free (wow!). Given we’re in the Bar Convent we do ask that people don’t bring in outside food and drink- instead drinks are provided, and the cafe does fantastic food (and we get 10% off).

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Gaming this Friday

Whether your sad that it’s not coming home or you’re glad you don’t have to hear that again for another 4 years, come cheer yourself up with some board gaming fun to round off the week. No surprise here, it’s a second Friday tomorrow so we have gaming in the evening from 5pm-9pm. Come along to the Bar Convent for a night of silly fun to chase away the World Cup blues.

Pricing reminder

There has been a bit of confusion recently about the pricing changes to our weekend meets that were introduced earlier this year. So here I am to hopefully clear things up, the new prices are:

Friday: £3

Friday (concession): £2

Saturday all day: £5

Saturday all day (concession): £3

Saturday half day: Same as Friday prices

If you have any questions about these changes or anything in general don’t hesitate to leave a comment, email us at or just come up to us and ask at one of meets.

Sunny Saturday gaming and changes to All Saints parking!

As is our way we will be kicking off July with a Saturday full of board gaming at the Bar Convent 10am-9pm, Saturday 7th. You are of course welcome to bring along friends and family for a fab free first visit to our magical cave of games (cupboard really but we’re still proud of it).

On a more serious note, we have been informed that the All Saints school car park will be resurfaced over the summer and all non work access will be blocked. This means that club members will no longer be able to park there. This will not come in to effect for a few more weeks so you can still use the parking for this weekend and for the Friday the 13th meet, sadly after that you will no longer be able to park there.